Internacionalna Gimnazija SEDEF
Internacionalna Gimnazija SEDEF is a 4-year-lasting gymnasium with two domains for students to choose: a Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) domain as well as Visual Communication and Design (VCD) domain. Besides the possibility for the graduating students of this high school to acquire high school professional qualifications with the title high-school graduate degree referring to one of the two specific domains, they are offered to attend Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge A/AS Level programmes and thus they can pass international exams and get Cambridge high school degree as well.
Internacionalna Gimnazija SEDEF

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Internacionalna Gimnazija SEDEF

Svjesni potrebe da savremeno obrazovanje mora ići u korak sa trendovima koji vladaju na tržištu rada, želja osnivača bila je da uspostavi srednju školu koja će istovremeno mladima..

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